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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Boycott Citgo & Venezuelan Oil

By Anthony Mangano

I would like to praise 7eleven for not renewing there contract with Citgo as there lone gas supplier. Although this might not put a major dent in the pockets of Mr. Chavez or end the arrogance that comes along with high oil prices, I must say that this without question put a huge smile on my face along with I'm sure many others. It was also a welcome sign to see democrats put aside partisan bickering and defend the president from the ugly comments that were made at the U.N. by "El presidente". I don't believe Chavez and his cronies were expecting such a major backlash from our leaders especially those on the other side of the aisle. I myself just ordered a few bumper stickers with the words "boycott citgo" on them. I'm prepared to continue my boycott until chavez ends his hostile attitude towards the United States and Israel.

I just wish that the U.S. was oil dependent and did not have to purchase oil from the likes of Chavez. What bothers me most is that they both come to the united nations and show no respect for our country and our president. The United Nations is a place to unite not to divide. I want world peace just like everyone else does, but with leaders that with ego problems we probably wont see world peace in our lifetime.

I myself would one day like to see Iraq , maybe even travel to cuba or maybe even Afghanistan, but with so much instability in the world today, that seems to dangerous to even dream about. Then you have someone like Kim Jong il. A leader who starves his people.Who wants to develop nuclear weapons so he can scare his neighbors like Japan and South Korea.I really do not understand why certain countries want to develop nuclear weapons.The United states alone can wipe out the world in probably twenty minutes.

I hope one day we can envision a world without the United Nations.Maybe we can take a trip to any place in this world and not have to worry.Maybe one day there will be world peace, but till then we can dream and pray, and one day there will be world peace.



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