Hybrid Cars - Alternative Energy

Hybrid cars have increased in popularity as of late.Nows the time to support alternative energy solutions and technologies.

Hybrid Cars - Alternative Energy


"Hybrid Nation"

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hybrid cars an option for rising Reno gas prices

With unleaded gas at about three dollars and six cents in Nevada, are hybrid cars the way to go?

Many of the cars we looked at today get 60 miles a gallon on city streets. When you're spending as much as you are now for gas, some might say that's a lot more bang for your buck.

Sky high gas prices are helping to fuel the demand for hybrid cars. Reno Toyota gets about ten hybrids a month...and they say it's hard to keep them on the lot.

"Since Toyota came out with the Pruis, the Highlander ... we have had lots of people come in and be concerned about questions about the hybrid vehicles," Steve Katzmann, general manager of Reno Toyota says.story continued


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