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Hybrid Cars - Alternative Energy


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Monday, May 15, 2006

Spirits Co. To Use Hybrid Cars From Hertz Fleet For Local Travel

By Michael B. Baker

MAY 15, 2006 -- Brown-Forman Corp. has melded its environmental policy with its rental car program, forging a special agreement with Hertz Corp. to use hybrid cars for the company's regional travel needs.

The Louisville, Ky.-based wine and spirits producer, known for such brands as Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort, officially rolled out its hybrid rental program in April, following a few months of testing with employees, said Walt Tressler, Brown-Forman's corporate services manager. The agreement gives the company use of three Toyota Prius automobiles in Louisville.

"We have a great leadership that very much believes in preservation and sustainability," Tressler said. "All of our products come from the earth—from grain and water—so we want to be good stewards."

Employees now are strongly encouraged to use the hybrids for their regional travel needs, such as trips to the distillery in Tennessee or for nearby conferences, Tressler said. The company's travel agents also were instructed to suggest the hybrid rental to employees. Employee training also was vital, as hybrid cars handle differently than standard cars, and inquiries about the hybrid rentals now are coming in daily, he said.
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