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Hybrid Cars - Alternative Energy


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Saturday, July 29, 2006


(AGI) - Rome, July 27 - Almost 20,000 controls at sea between January and June 2006, 281 fines, 23 seizures. That's the result of the Coast Guard activities, presented today at the Environment and Sea Preservation Ministry by minister Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio. The event also featured the handing of 13 hybrid cars to several port authorities to help carry out controls: off-road vehicles with two engines (fuel and electric), to be sent to port authorities in Apulia, Sicily, Sardinia, Liguea and the Marches. Three will remain at the general hq in Rome. "The use of these vehicles - said the head of nature protection Aldo Cosentino - is experimental, and could lead to the use of them in natural parks too". The event also illustrated the several systems monitoring Italian seas, such as Vts (Vessel traffic service), and Dedalus devices, to monitor pollution. "The Port Authorities activity is very important - said Pecoraro Scanio - especially in Italy. Yet more is to be done, we need a special law to protect our coasts. Another important issue is the monitoring of international waters. It is not possible that Italy must defend its coasts and seas without being able to intervene, if necessary, beyond the sea boundaries. That's why I will ask the EU to sign bilateral agreements with other Mediterranean countries, to extend our jurisdiction, especially with regards to pollution and illegal fishing". Pecoraro Scanio pointed out that the ministry has been recently renamed, and now includes 'sea preservation', as the sea is an important resource. He also said that he authorised the Carabinieri of the ministry to make a censue of "all eco-monsters that 'deface' our coasts, to tear them all down". (AGI) - link


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