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Hybrid Cars - Alternative Energy


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Monday, August 14, 2006

Toyota, Asian Automaker Stocks May Beat U.S. Peers This Half

Aug. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Asia's biggest automakers may regain their lead over American rivals in world stock markets this half as higher oil prices help their more fuel-efficient cars grab a larger share of the U.S. and Chinese markets.

Toyota Motor Corp., Japan's top carmaker, overtook Ford Motor Co. in July to become the second-largest U.S. auto seller. In China, the world's fastest-growing major car market, the two best-selling models are produced by local ventures of Toyota and Hyundai Motor Corp.

``The outlook for the Japanese manufacturers is much more solid than for the U.S. automakers,'' said Marc Van Loo, who helps manage ABN Amro's $150 million Consumer Discretionary Fund in Amsterdam. ``They are much more advanced in the manufacture of environmentally-friendly cars.''
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