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Hybrid Cars - Alternative Energy


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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Honda Motor Says Its 2007 Hybrid Cars Maintain U.S. Tax Credits

By Alan Ohnsman

Nov. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Honda Motor Co., the second-biggest seller of gasoline-electric autos, said buyers of its 2007 hybrid models still qualify for U.S. tax credits of as much as $2,100, more than consumers get for Toyota Motor Corp.'s Prius.

The credits are $2,100 for Civic Hybrids and $1,300 for Accord Hybrids, the same as for 2006 models, Honda said in a statement today. The benefit for the Prius, the top-selling gasoline-electric vehicle, has fallen to $1,575 from $3,150 because Toyota's hybrid sales exceed the ceiling for the credit.

The income-tax breaks were part of U.S. energy legislation passed in 2005 to encourage consumers to buy more fuel-efficient cars and light trucks. The Internal Revenue Service lists fifteen 2007 hybrids from Honda, Toyota, General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. that qualify for credits ranging from $250 to $2,600.
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