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Hybrid cars have increased in popularity as of late.Nows the time to support alternative energy solutions and technologies.

Hybrid Cars - Alternative Energy


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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hybrid Driving Course Saves Gas

(CBS 5) SAN FRANCISCO Drivers of hybrid cars already save about 35% on their fuel consumption over regular gas-powered cars.

For the first time, AAA offered a course for hybrid drivers to get the most out of their cars, and CBS 5 went along for the ride.

For 42 years Bill and Jennifer Crabtree have shared just about everything: several homes, two kids, five grand kids and their latest addition -- a Prius.

"I look at it as the car of the future and I'm glad to be a part of that,” hybrid owner Jennifer Crabtree said.

This car of the future allows them to make fewer trips to the gas pump.

"It used to be, you know, once a week and now it seems like once a month,” said Bill Crabtree.

To make sure they are getting the best mileage possible, they attended AAA's hybrid driving training seminar.
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