Hybrid Cars - Alternative Energy

Hybrid cars have increased in popularity as of late.Nows the time to support alternative energy solutions and technologies.

Hybrid Cars - Alternative Energy


"Hybrid Nation"

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Automakers target emissions as way to stay ahead

Staff writer

The growing gap in profitability among the world's automakers is becoming more apparent, as seen in the contrasting fortunes of Toyota Motor Corp., whose sales have been growing strongly, and ailing U.S. giant General Motors Corp., which is struggling to stem a tide of red ink.Toyota is set to pass GM as the world's largest automaker this year. Honda Motor Co. is also enjoying brisk sales overseas.

But although Japanese automakers are basking in the glow of their strong performance, they are well aware they must keep their eye on industry trends or they could find their rivals closing the gap.

Analysts say one such trend is the emphasis on cleaner cars as regulations on auto emissions are tightened in Europe, the United States and Japan.

"Technologies in environmental protection will be crucially important this year," said Noriyuki Matsushima, a credit analyst at Nikko Citigroup Ltd. source japan times


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