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Thursday, February 01, 2007

What You Need To Know About Making Ethanol Fuel

By Diane Crawford
Ethanol fuel is a plant derived fuel which can be either mixed with gasoline, or used by itself for use in almost any internal combustion engine. This means that cars, trucks, boats and even lawnmowers can use ethanol as their fuel source. Ethanol has several advantages over gasoline, with the two predominate advantages being that it is a renewable energy source, and it reduces pollutants drastically.

Making ethanol fuel is not a difficult task, and almost anyone can legally make their own. Ethanol fuel is made in a distillation process which works on the fermentation of vegetable matter. Corn, sugar cane and potatoes are but a few of the candidates that are ideal for making ethanol fuel. Ethanol fuel can also be made from the scraps left over from these vegetable materials.

One fact that most people do not know is that the first automobiles which were introduced did not run on gasoline, but alcohol. This was also true of farming tractors and large industrial size engines. Gasoline was not used until it became more widely available and the cost of producing the ethanol alcohol increased.

Ethanol alcohol burns so clean that it can be used in closed rooms to burn lanterns or stoves and it will leave no toxic or odorous fumes. It has been used as a fuel source for well over a century. It is derived from plants, and the by product of burning it is the release of carbon dioxide, which plants need to breathe themselves. This is opposed to gasoline which when burns produces carbon monoxide, which is deadly to most life forms on Earth. Ethanol also has a much higher octane rating than gasoline, giving better performance when used in automobiles.

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