Hybrid Cars - Alternative Energy

Hybrid cars have increased in popularity as of late.Nows the time to support alternative energy solutions and technologies.

Hybrid Cars - Alternative Energy


"Hybrid Nation"

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Al "Hollywood " Gore

I have a bone to pick with Hollywood and all the annoying liberals that follow them. I think its great that they're all driving hybrid vehicles, but when you're also taking your private jet just to fly a few hundred miles to their next Hollywood party ( and winning an Oscar) then your just a complete hypocrite. For example Al Gore, great motivator, however practice what you preach before the media finds out that you're not. People need to realize the importance of "going green". We don't need flaky actors to educate us on hybrid cars and alternative energy sources. I myself think that all this hype about global warming is pure nonsense. The world has gone through changes since the beginning of time and I don't think that we have that kind of power to alter it. The oceans as we know are being destroyed by all the pollutants and wastes we throw in it. The coral reefs around the world are being diminished not only by toxins, but also by the rising temperatures of the oceans. The less waste we use the better not only will it help our pockets, but also help preserve this beautiful planet we call Earth.coral nation


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