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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Global warming may begin to burn a hole in wallets

Eric Zimmerling
Would you still ask for a plastic bag to carry your groceries if you had to pay tax on that bag?

This was one of the questions asked by Professor Annette Nellen of the College of Business to nearly 100 students and faculty Wednesday in a lecture covering the business aspects of global warming.

"Only 1 percent of plastic bags get recycled," Nellen said. "If there was a tax on plastic bags, would you still have an immediate need or could we just bring our own bag to the store to carry groceries?"

Douglass Ikegami, a senior majoring in history, said the lecture gave him "a new idea of the impact that global warming has on society."

"I hear about the polar ice caps melting and the environmental impacts that global warming has on us, but I never really thought about the business impacts," Ikegami said. Nellen also talked about how the increase in the number of automobiles and oil usage affects global warming, and how insurance might go up as a result, he said.

The 60-minute lecture of the Boccardo Business Center featured Nellen discussing what she said is the impact global warming is having on businesses and possible solutions for the problems.

Nellen used a large projection screen with multiple slides to support her discussion that gave the audience an array of information.

Among the business impacts Nellen discussed were the amount of cars that have increased over the past 50 years and how that has effected global warming.

"In 1950, there were 55 million cars. In 2004, there were 551 million cars," Nellen said. "With the introduction of hybrid cars over the past few years and the healthy emissions cars, should a tax be imposed on oil in an effort to lead people towards hybrid automobiles?"
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