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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We all must do our part to help curb climate change

Global climate change is a major problem that needs to be addressed immediately or it will have major consequences on not only the human race, but all creatures on this planet will feel its effects.

There are many little things we can do to make a difference and need to start doing before it is too late.

One way to retard the process is to make it mandatory for all new homes built to have solar panels.

As college students and the future leaders of the world, we must demand changes to be made.

This is a simple thing that can be done.

The price of the solar panels will be offset by the lowered cost of electricity and new home buyers will just have to pay a little more to pay for them.

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Blogger Josh said...

Anthony- Just found your blog so I thought I would comment. Do you think that humans are the root cause of the "climate change"? I partly agree with you on the solar panels idea, but the production of these solar panels will also emit c02 and possibly cause more pollution. --Josh

July 30, 2008  

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