Hybrid Cars - Alternative Energy

Hybrid cars have increased in popularity as of late.Nows the time to support alternative energy solutions and technologies.

Hybrid Cars - Alternative Energy


"Hybrid Nation"

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hybrid Cars Could Mean Free Parking

CBS) CHICAGO If a proposed ordinance passes the City Council, you may never have to pay for public parking again if you buy a hybrid car.

Ald. Rey Colon (35th) is introducing the new ordinance at the council meeting Wednesday.

Los Angeles, San Antonio, and some other cities already have similar laws on the books.

Colon said one way to pay for the free parking would be to raise parking meter rates for non-hybrid vehicles story continued


(AGI) - Rome, July 27 - Almost 20,000 controls at sea between January and June 2006, 281 fines, 23 seizures. That's the result of the Coast Guard activities, presented today at the Environment and Sea Preservation Ministry by minister Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio. The event also featured the handing of 13 hybrid cars to several port authorities to help carry out controls: off-road vehicles with two engines (fuel and electric), to be sent to port authorities in Apulia, Sicily, Sardinia, Liguea and the Marches. Three will remain at the general hq in Rome. "The use of these vehicles - said the head of nature protection Aldo Cosentino - is experimental, and could lead to the use of them in natural parks too". The event also illustrated the several systems monitoring Italian seas, such as Vts (Vessel traffic service), and Dedalus devices, to monitor pollution. "The Port Authorities activity is very important - said Pecoraro Scanio - especially in Italy. Yet more is to be done, we need a special law to protect our coasts. Another important issue is the monitoring of international waters. It is not possible that Italy must defend its coasts and seas without being able to intervene, if necessary, beyond the sea boundaries. That's why I will ask the EU to sign bilateral agreements with other Mediterranean countries, to extend our jurisdiction, especially with regards to pollution and illegal fishing". Pecoraro Scanio pointed out that the ministry has been recently renamed, and now includes 'sea preservation', as the sea is an important resource. He also said that he authorised the Carabinieri of the ministry to make a censue of "all eco-monsters that 'deface' our coasts, to tear them all down". (AGI) - link

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Skyrocketing oil prices rein in growth in U.S. economy

Every Monday morning Dean England, chief executive of his family-owned trucking company in Salt Lake City, visits the Energy Department's Web site and checks the latest average cost of a gallon of diesel fuel. If it is up enough, he raises the charge to haul produce across the country in his tractor-trailers.
A formula has evolved. For every 5-cent rise in the price of fuel, C.R. England Inc. adds 1 percent to its freight rates. Since 2003, those rates are up 37 percent, yet demand has not slackened. The company's 2,900 trucks are constantly on the road.
''The market has been good to us,'' England said. ''But ultimately the extra cost of hauling food has to fall on the consumer.''
Demand is similarly strong at other energy-dependent operations, notably railroads, airlines and chemical companies. They, too, are raising prices to recapture as much as they can of the run-up in oil pricesstory continued

Five favorite hybrid cars

Hybrid cars complement gas engines with electric motors to get more power, subsequently achieving better mileage than their gas-only counterparts. Toyota and Honda are both major players in this space, but just about every other carmaker is working on a hybrid model. We've picked our top cars based on great gas mileage and good performance.

1. 2006 Lexus RX 400h

The good: Fast acceleration; unencumbered LCD and separate audio display; versatile rear-seat entertainment system.

The bad: Grainy LCD map display; no factory option for surround sound or satellite radio; notched feeling in electric power steering.

The bottom line: As the first luxury SUV hybrid, the Lexus RX 400h makes a good first impression with its power, its fuel efficiency, and its technology.

Price: $46060

story continued

Friday, July 21, 2006

Ford to Develop Hybrid Cars in Britain

July 2006

Ford will invest 1 billion pounds ($1.84 billion) in Britain within six years to develop hybrid cars, the Associated Press reported, citing a senior company executive.

"We have 9,500 engineers working in the U.K. — about 35,000 employees in total — so this is our investment," Lewis Booth, Ford's executive vice president for European operations, said in a British Broadcasting Corp. radio interview.

Ford reportedly is aiming to produce a Focus model capable of delivering 70 miles per gallon with reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

Ford currently sells Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner hybrid sport-utility vehicles and has said it plans to introduce hybrid versions of the Mazda Tribute SUV in 2007 and the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan sedans in 2008


Toyota considers US effort for alternative

WASHINGTON: Toyota Motor Co, a pioneer in the development of popular gas-electric hybrid vehicles, is considering a US investment in cars that run on ethanol and other alternative fuels, the automaker's North American president said on Tuesday.

Jim Press' disclosure introduces new competitive pressure on Ford Motor Co, General Motors Co and Daimler/Chrysler's North American Chrysler unit, all of which have lost market share to Toyota and other foreign rivals partly capitalising on American's appetite for more fuel efficient vehicles.

"We're already developing vehicles that can operate in ethanol-rich Brazil and we're optimistic that we can offer similar vehicles to American consumers," Press said.

Ford, GM and Chrysler have recently expanded their interest in crop-based alternatives, or flexible fuels. These include a product more widely sold that is made with 85 per cent ethanol.

The Detroit-based automakers pledged commitments to blended fuels and have asked Congress for tax breaks and other help to retool plants and broaden consumer access to those products
story continued

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Gas-Electric Hybrid Cars Just Keep Going and Going

If 2001 was, as Time magazine called it, the summer of the shark, 2006 could be christened the summer of the hybrid.

Hybrids don't star in the Al Gore-narrated global-warming documentary "An Inconvenient Truth." But you could say the cars, which run on a combination of gasoline and electricity, are part of the behind-the-scenes crew, getting mention on the film's Web site as a way consumers can help combat climate change.

One hybrid predecessor, General Motors' (GM) EV1, even has its own documentary this summer, titled "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

The New York International Auto Show and car dealers have given hybrids some serious exposure lately, too, and models such as the Toyota Prius and the Honda Civic hybrid are boasting long waiting lists for buyers. San Francisco and New York City are expanding their hybrid taxi fleets, with other cities considering doing the same.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Alternative energy sources

A TIMELY call by experts at a roundtable the other day for alternative energy sources, undoubtedly, remind the planners both in the public and private sector of the urgency of expediting the process to undertake adequate plans and programmes on adoption of renewable energy technologies for meeting the growing demands for electricity. Renewable energy is needed for covering country's remote corners with power as conventional energy sources such as gas and coal in Bangladesh would be depleting quickly. Held on 'Renewable Energy Technologies', the largely attended roundtable was told by experts that various programmes on promoting and expanding use of renewable technologies should be coordinated for providing the people with sustainable energy across the country.

The experts engaged in various projects on alternative energy sources in the country and also in this region came out with their valuable suggestions with a view to catering to the pressing need of power that has emerged as vital for the national economy and development as its all-pervasive demand everywhere in industry and agriculture is growing day by day. As alternative energy sources, biogas, solar systems, wind energy etcetera are now being popularly practiced in many countries. Bangladesh is also not lagging behind as at present it has 24,000 biogas plants though there are potentials of setting up of over 3 million plants. There is also another target of setting up 200,000 solar systems in the country by 2010 as many private organisations in close cooperation with the government and foreign countries have been working with all sincerity and determination.

A number of organisations like German Technical Cooperation and private organisation 'Grameen Shakti' – now known for the tasks in the countryside – joined hands with The New Nation in organising the high profile conference on renewable energy at this crucial time as Bangladesh, like many other countries in this region, is in dire need of energy as the prospect of depletion of other conventional energy sources have caused serious concern both locally and globally. An official survey conducted in Bangladesh, in fact, has served as an eye-opener with its startling revelation that country's 70 percent areas could be covered by electricity with whatever available conventional energy sources we do have. It is not only Bangladesh, many other energy-hungry nations are frantically looking for alternative sources as questions like using nuclear energy are coming up for active consideration in many countries – Iran, India and others. Bangladesh, too, is actively considering to reactivate its almost forgotten Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant – initiated during the Pakistani days – possibly with China's assistance.

The Energy Adviser Mahmudur Rahman himself came out with a suggestion while addressing the roundtable that 'jatrova' cultivation on commercial basis for producing bio-diesel as substitute of petroleum oil as India has already taken successfully a huge project in this regard, can yield good result as alternative energy source. It is heartening to note that the government would form a sustainable energy development agency to promote both conventional and renewable sources of energy keeping in view their accessibility and commercial viability.